Creating a wardrobe you love

Do any of these ring a bell?

Do you look at your wardrobe and think you have nothing to wear?
Do you struggle to put an outfit together?
Do the clothes you buy never get worn, or do they end up at the back of your wardrobe?  You don’t have time to work out what’s missing from your wardrobe?

You’d love to wake up and grab an outfit with ease  You desire your wardrobe to be streamlined and functional 

If YES! then it’s time for a wardrobe refresh! 

I promise it’s not as daunting as you might think! My wardrobe edit service is the essential step to discovering a stylish new you. This service has also been extremely popular for the busy professional like that would like to create a clear vision with there workwear wardrobe.

I will help you streamline your wardrobe, restore your confidence and make everyday styling fun, while sharing a wealth of knowledge along the way. This is also a great
way to rediscover pieces that might not have been worn in years!

This will be the start of a very exciting style journey that we embark on together, ensuring the cleansing and organising of your wardrobe an achievable, enjoyable
and cathartic experience.

How the process works

Step 1:

This process begins with a complimentary call, this is a great way for me to get to know and understand your wardrobe desires, answer any budding questions you might have. From here i’ll send over a style questionnaire once which I ask you to fill out as thoroughly as possible. This enables me to understand your styling needs, lifestyle and budget clearly.
Once we have a date in the diary for your wardrobe edit, you’ll receive a guidance sheet on how to prefer for your wardrobe edit. This will help you to understand what to expect, what to do before hand to prefer and then how to keep your wardrobe in check after i’ve been.

Step 2:

Upon arrival to your wardrobe edit, I like to start the day by going through your questionnaire which you’d have already completed. We’ll discuss how you’d like to envision your wardrobe to look, plus the style of clothes you’d always wished to wear as understanding your style personality and how this applies to your clothing choices is crucial.We’ll touch base on body shape and i’ll share my tips on how to best dress for your body shape, whilst taking you through a quick colour session (don’t worry i’m not going to put you into a colour season) Instead I believe this to be a helpful tool for you to understand how different tones can compliment your colourings.

Step 3:

This is when the fun really begins, getting into your wardrobe! We’ll take a look through you’re carefully selected clothes before we begin (referring back to the wardrobe guidance sheet sent to you beforehand) From here we’ll discuss the gaps in your capsule wardrobe, how to compose outfits, making the best use of your current wardrobe, cleansing the clothes that no longer work for you and then look to build a wardrobe that does tick all the boxes. All along the way i’ll be sharing with you my  expert style tips and knowledge. From this we’ll have a shopping list of priority items that will transform your capsule wardrobe.

Time depending in your session we might have time to make a start with an online shop to fill in these gaps, or alternatively you might like to take a look at my personal shopping service. After our session together you’ll receive and bank of images of outfits that’ll work together going forward and hints and tips on how you can style items in your current wardrobe.

Creating a Wardrobe you Love

As timings vary prices starts from £200.00

Please indicate the size of your wardrobe and/or individual requirements at the point of enquiry for advice regarding the most suitable package.
I do offer style bundles if you are looking to book various services creating you a great saving.

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