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Luxury Personal Styling Service

I offer this luxury personal styling service for both men and women on a monthly basis, who are looking for a world class VIP style concierge service. With strong relationships built with designers, boutiques and department stores you’ll have a streamlined experience.

My aim as your on hand personal stylist is to take the stress and thought about ‘what to wear’ day to day, to that business meeting or perhaps to an event coming up. This is a tailored experience whereby I’ll be offering fashion advice, trend insights, concierge shopping and assistance in selecting outfits that align with your unique style.

From Wardrobe Consultations to Outfit Selections or Special Events

The focus is on providing a high-end and customized fashion journey to enhance the client’s confidence and overall image.

I work with men and women who have busy schedules that do not allow for regular shopping trips or have the time to think about putting outfits together for everyday or specific occasions, but require to look and feel their best at all times.

This is also a great service to work closely with me on a monthly basis if you’re in need of guidance and support with refinding your style and discovering you again!

VIP Service clients benefit from:

  • Priority on call styling service, VIP clients are dealt with within hours of requesting advice 
  • Monthly list of events or outfits needed to be sent over 
  • An up to date wardrobe 
  • ‘Go to’ outfits arranged in good time plus spares ‘just incase’
  • No time wasted for you worrying about what to wear

Luxury Personal Styling Service

Prices vary starting from £500

This is a tailored service to each client, so please make contact to enquiry how this might work for you.

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