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It’s time to bring everything together

We’ve completed your wardrobe edit, now it’s time to find the missing pieces to complete your full looks so we can maximise your whole wardrobe. Now you’re wardrobe is well organized it is easy to identify the exact missing pieces.

A personal shop is great to identity specific items, to fill in missing gaps, or perhaps to add to a sparse wardrobe. It’s time to bring everything together and complete a full functional wardrobe that you can’t wait to wear!

Are you looking to Shop for an Upcoming Holiday

Whilst it is not compulsory to have completed a Wardrobe Edit, I do advise so where possible as this gives me a greater understanding on the items you’ll need to create complete looks.

Perhaps you’re looking to shop for a upcoming holiday, a new workwear wardrobe for the dream job you’ve landed or a new mummy!? I have the experience, knowledge and brand relationships to make sure you’ll be getting the very best out of our time together! 

How the process works

Step 1:

This process begins with a complimentary call, this is a great way for me to get to know and understand your wardrobe desires, answer any budding questions you might have. From here i’ll send over a style questionnaire once which I ask you to fill out as thoroughly as possible. This enables me to understand your styling needs, lifestyle and budget for our shop clearly. 

Once we have a date in the diary for your shop, you’ll receive a guidance sheet on how to prefer before hand.

Step 2:

In advance to our shopping trip I will perform a ‘pre-shop’, which involves intensive research and visiting the stores to find and reserve items.  Meaning that your clothes will be waiting for you when you arrive for you to try on immediately.

You will be introduced to new styles, colours, brands and be taught along the way how to shop savvy! Previous clients have said it’s a great way to be re-educated on how to show and put outfits together.

Step 3:

Time to hit the shops! Once we’ve complete our session together i’ll prove you with an email with pictures from throughout the day, along with helpful shopping tips for the future.

If after our shop you would like extra help with learning how to mix and match these pieces with what’s already in your wardrobe I offer a service called Style Album. You will have all images sent over to you after this season for you to refer back to quickly and easily for future reference. This is a great service for packing for a special holiday, weekend away, work wardrobe or just general day to day styling.

Time to Hit the Shops with Jessica Rea's Persona Shopping Services

As timings can vary prices start from £200

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