Meet 7 New-Gen Milliners Making Hats Cool Again

Hats are back and better than ever. Gone are the days where head dressing was associated with the ostentatious displays at Royal Ascot or the ill-fated trilby that became a cheesy default. A new wave of talented milliners is breaking the internet with their distinctive creations that have been showcased on the heads of Rihanna, Harry Styles, Jennifer Lopez, and Billy Porter. Here are seven ingenious milliners you need to know about now.

  • Benny Andallo: Self-described ‘silly crown designer’, Benny Andallo, 28, has made waves with his psychedelic creations (Rihanna and Shygirl are fans). The Filipino-British milliner puts enjoyment at the centre of his designs, with the aim of uplifting and enhancing the confidence of the wearer.
  • Maryam Keyhani: Tehran-born and Berlin-based artist and milliner Maryam Keyhani, 39, blurs the line between sculpting and hat-making with her imaginative creations. The designer likes to think of grown-ups playing dress-up with her hats in the same way that a child would.
  • James Pink Studio: James Pink, 25, is a London-based milliner who specializes in velvet berets that have been worn by Harry Styles, Dua Lipa, and Rosalía. The designer draws inspiration from his background in fine art and his love for vintage fashion.
  • Esenshel: Rodney Patterson, 47, is a New York-based milliner who creates architectural and futuristic hats that have been worn by Jennifer Lopez, Solange Knowles, and Pharrell Williams. The designer aims to challenge the perception of what a hat can be and how it can be worn.
  • Poche: Poche is a Seoul-based millinery brand founded by Park Hwan Hee, 34, and Lee Bo Ram, 33. The brand creates whimsical and playful hats that have been worn by Blackpink, BTS, and IU. The brand name means ‘pocket’ in French, reflecting the idea of carrying happiness in a small space.
  • Awon Golding: Awon Golding, 38, is a Hong Kong-born and London-based milliner who creates elegant and edgy hats that have been worn by Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga, and Kylie Minogue. The designer combines her multicultural heritage with her passion for craftsmanship and sustainability.
  • Stephen Jones: Stephen Jones, 63, is a legendary British milliner who has been making hats for over four decades. The designer has collaborated with some of the most iconic fashion houses and designers, such as Dior, Vivienne Westwood, and John Galliano. The designer is known for his exquisite and innovative hats that have been worn by Madonna, Princess Diana, and Rihanna.

These are some of the new-gen milliners who are making hats cool again with their ingenious and creative designs. Hats are not only functional accessories but also stylish statements that can elevate your outfit and express your personality. Which one of these milliners is your favorite? 😊

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