Colour Analysis

Jessica Rea


Does the idea of wearing bold colours frighten you?
Do you steer clear from patterns and prints?Is 70% of your wardrobe navy, cream or black?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions,
then a Jessica Rea Colour Analysis could be for you.
One of the primary skills I use when working with a
client is colour! As a Personal Stylist I will show you just
how introducing the correct colours into your wardrobe
can be genuinely transformational.

Perhaps you don’t have much colour in your wardrobe
currently? Fear not, I’m not going to tell you to start
wearing big bright bold colours or prints.
Instead, I will guide you to understanding how together
we can gently introduce more colour into your wardrobe.

Please note how YOU wear colour will be different from
everyone else. You are unique, after all!
I will teach you the colour tones that complement your
complexion (and why!). This is a tool you’ll have for life.
It’ll completely change the way you shop going forward,
saving you time, money and a lot of stress!


Optional Extra; A hand painted colour wallet in your season – £25 additional charge and please note these can take up to 6 weeks as they are handmade.

Pairing the Jessica Rea Body Shape Analysis with the Colour Analysis gives a full end-to-end experience which will really make an impact – £115

Please enquire for more information if you are interested in a group colour analysis.

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