Body Shape Analysis


Body Shape Analysis

Do you struggle with finding clothes that fit your body
Do you get frustrated when things don’t quite fit like you
want them to?
Are you fed up with feeling insecure because your clothes
don’t fit right?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions,
then a Jessica Rea Body Shape Analysis could be for you.
Understanding your body shape together with colour
allows you to build the foundations of a wardrobe you
will completely fall in love with.

I will teach you 2 key elements with your body shape
• Understanding your body shape and how to dress in
clothes that will flatter and show off your best
• Clothing shapes and styles to look for when

After your session you will also receive a report detailing all the
information discussed within our session for your future
reference – this will also include examples showing just
how to get the most out of your clothing after our session


Pairing the Jessica Rea Body Shape Analysis with the
Colour Analysis gives a full end-to-end experience,
which will really make an impact. – £115

Please enquire for more information if you are interested
in a group body shape analysis.

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