The Pan Collection- The magic behind the collection


"The Debbie"


This week am ecstatic to announce my new collection for SS19 ‘THE PAN’. My whole Spring / Summer 19 Collection was inspired by the people that have supported me throughout the years.

It was last year at The Royal Ascot that I met the lovely Debbie. Ascot was one of my highlights from last year it was the women who I had the pleasure of meeting that made it for me. I was lucky enough to create the headpiece for Debbie otherwise known on Instagram as ‘The Fashionable Pan’ to wear at The Royal Ascot and it was this headpiece that inspired my whole collection.

The Pan Collection encompasses a small teardrop shape creating an elegant addition to any occasion wear. This headpiece compliments the outfit by adding a sophisticated touch. What more could you want from statement headwear?



The Pan Collection takes the form of three different styles, the original floral piece "The Debbie" which represents the beauty of the British summertime and is a clear reflection of Debbie’s lovely personality. The second piece "The Wendy" is the more stylistic of the collection and is inspired by Debbie’s chic and sophisticated style. The third "The Jenny" is a fun addition to any outfit, it's bright colours and different dimensions is a perfect representation of Debbie's fun nature. Either piece would make for a magnificent addition to any wedding, race day or event and they are all available in a range of colours and styles.



Here you can see Debbie wearing my very first creation of ‘The Pan’ worn with a beautiful dress from Closet London.




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