My New York Fashion Inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw

What a week! From buying to collaborations to an exciting announcement which I can’t wait to tell you about, this week has really been fantastic. Keep up today with my Instagram for more updates!!

Also, this week has also been New York Fashion Week, an event that I’d love to attend. To me, I don’t think New York without thinking of the iconic TV series Sex and The City and Carrie Bradshaw, a true fashion inspiration. This week the fabulous icon has made a reappearance with Fendi’s Iconic Baguette Bag and I couldn’t help but wonder…about all of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic hat moments.



An iconic hat moment for me was Carrie in her wedding to Big, it was the ultimate statement piece! I love using turquoise feathers in my designs it adds a real element of sophistication and the colour really sets of the eyes…


Another great moment from the film was Carrie with a boho vibe, I love the jaunty angle for added dramatic effect.


Carrie’s time in Paris showcased some real fashion moments, she added the Carrie Bradshaw flair to the chic Parisian style. This hat with the pearl detail created real sophistication. Perfect for winter days.


Carrie took the crown headpiece to a whole new level with her dark crown for Stanford’s wedding. The detailing on this headpiece is exquisite and the crown adds a regal element that any good crown should. This is my personal favourite!

Also, a sharp fitting suit is high fashion for this year and coming Autumn/Winter 19.



We all know I love a bit of sparkle and this hat covered in sparkle is quite something. It added instant glamour to what would of normally just have been a pair of PJ’s but Bradshaw carried it out in true New Year’s style.


Although not strictly a Carrie Bradshaw moment SJP did wear this fabulous creation at the premier of the Sex and the City movie so I think it counts. This fantastic hat has so many elements and I love it! I try to add different elements to my bespoke pieces, it creates a real feature piece and keeps people looking. From the butterflies to the flowers, every time I look at it see something new.

 So this week why not channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and add a headpiece to your everyday look! It couldn’t be more fabulous if you tried!

Have a great week and maybe have a few cosmopolitans or two! 


Speak soon,


Jessica Rea

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