'Winner Of -Best Women In Business 2018'
'Winner Of -Best Women In Business 2018'

It's all about the layering

It was a cold week last week in Ewell and me and the team added so many layers to our outfits to keep the chill off whilst still trying to keep up appearances. 

With cold days still predicted for the coming days,  I thought I’d let you in on all my tips for dressing for wintery weather and keeping yourself nice and toasty.

Think outside the box 

There’s no need to pack away your favourite dress, just add a wintry twist.

One of the best looks is the layered slip dress, have a Rachel Green moment and layer slip dress over a long sleeved white or black top. It will keep your summer dresses going throughout the winter season. 

Always carry a big bag!

Being sensible can still be chic, with all these extra layers you’ll be wearing having space you can quickly chuck off a layer will be ideal for when you're getting on the tube.

This Accessorize beauty (£39.99) is perfect for those chunky knits, gloves, and hats. The colour will also add a wonderful winter hue to your look!

Buy a few different coats

 Change up your coats this winter, you’ll be living in it until April and you don’t want that to be your only look of the season. Get yourself the seasons must haves! My personal fave is this statement leopard print coat from NewLook (£29.99).

Make sure you can get a coat you can bundle up in. This Primark coat (£35.00) is so cosy!!!  It's perfect for adding that comfy element to any look.



This winter was all about the puffer jacket and I loved this puffer from Topshop (£59.00) perfect for snowy days or rainy days!

Wear a hat!

You lose so much heat from your head and if you wear a hat you won’t have to wear as many layers. I obviously love a hat, my winter collection ranges from bobble hats to trilby hats and I’m constantly wearing one!

I adore this one from Angela Baby available at Country Clothing (£14.99). Perfect for adding a cosy touch to your outfit.

Bundle up!

One of the things I love about winter is bundling up and getting cosy. I love pulling on my hat, scarf, and boots and these gloves from Accessorize (£8.00) are so a must have!

And don’t forget the boots.

I love a boot I have so many Doc Martins, Ankle Boots, Walking Boots but for when the weather turns may I suggest a pair of Dubarry’s although expensive they really do last and are a style staple of my winter wardrobe. Available at Country Clothing store!


If Dubarry’s aren’t your thing I can’t stop thinking about these ankle boots!

The sparkle is amazing! £82.00 from Office and I’m going to have to get myself a pair!

Have a great week! 

 Jessica Rea xxx


P.s. Let me know what your signature coat of the season was and how you love to bundle up! Comment below. 





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